Staff Spotlight: Abednego Maloya


Say ‘hello’ to Abednego Maloya, our new Alumni Success Coordinator! We are beyond thrilled to not only have someone new join our team, but a former scholar as well!

When he was in high school, he transferred to Seton LaSalle. He was struggling with his grades, but through joining the Crossroads program, he went from a student with C’s to A’s and B’s. He did so well that he even won an award for most improved student! And after some convincing from Sister Sandy, he’s come back to help the next generation of scholars!

Abednego is an incredibly kind and laid back individual. He’ll arrive at programs with his longboard and with a “can do” attitude. And when he’s not working, he’ll keep himself busy with oil painting and sketching in pencil! Once again, we are incredibly happy to have him on staff and contributing to a positive environment!

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