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Staff Spotlight: Aaron Chapman


Meet our staff with our Staff Spotlight!

If you ever want to talk about football, Aaron Chapman is your guy! Being the College Access Counselor, he is a face most Juniors and Seniors will get to know. With a strong appreciation for poetry and lyricism, he cites Rudy Franciso as an inspiration in creating his own works of self-expression.

One of the most vocal people about why he enjoys his job, Aaron explains that the work being done in Crossroads is helping the next generation of leaders, business owners, doctors, and more. At a previous job, he saw first hand how difficult it could be for students to get into secondary education and become the best versions of themselves. The moment he saw the job posting for Crossroads, the rest is history.

He is an incredibly caring guy, and whether you’re a scholar or a coworker, he wants to see you succeed. He’s someone that believes to rise up, we must all do it together. After all, in his words, “It’s important these students go out to be successful so the world can continue to thrive.”

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